Investment projects

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Investment capacity, mln rubles
Conditions of investor participation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Name Location of the project Industry classification Investment capacity, mln rubles Declared area (m2)
Construction of the greenhouse complex Krimskiy district Agriculture 191.42 100000.00
Construction of the farm for breeding pigs Novopokrovskiy district Agriculture 51.17 160000.00
The construction of plant for production of granulated fodder, grass flour Gulkevichskiy district Manufacturing industry 72.70 17752.00
Ferro-concrete items factory Tbilisskiy district Manufacturing industry 519.62 50000.00
Plant for the production of disks for farm machinery Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry .00 104000.00
Construction of the plant for the production of semi-finished product from the pulp of winter wheat straw Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry 121.01 122000.00
Workshop on production of siding Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry 61.94 14506.00
Logistics center Belorechenskiy district Transport 500.05 150000.00
Construction of a trade and recreational complex "Korzinka" Goraychiy Kluych city Consumer sphere 250.00 8000.00
Dinskoy district
Creation of the industrial park «Starokorsunsky» Krasnodar city Manufacturing industry 35100.00 2510000.00
Logistics center (vegetable storehouse) Pavlovskiy district Agriculture 50.85 100000.00
Creation of a logistics center Labinskiy district Consumer sphere 326.89 50000.00
Placement of a logistic complex Kushchevskiy district Consumer sphere 201.84 40000.00
Construction of a logistics center for the storage and sale of agricultural products from the parking of heavy vehicles Timashevskiy district Consumer sphere 87.29 3900.00
Construction of wholesale and distribution center alleged freezing, drying and packaging of agricultural products Novokubanskiy district Agriculture 164.28 133290.00
Construction company for the production of exclusive furniture Apsheronskiy district Manufacturing industry 87.77 11310.00
Temrukskiy district
Temrukskiy district
Placement of a multifunctional complex for processing, storage and marketing of agricultural products with the necessary infrastructure Temrukskiy district Agriculture .00 267000.00
livestock complex Tihoretskiy district Agriculture 40500.00
Glass factory Tihoretskiy district Manufacturing industry 800.00 20000.00
For the production of starch and gluten from wheat workshop Tihoretskiy district Agriculture 98.74 20521.00 Tihoretskiy district Agriculture 63.71 30000.00
Asphalt plant Abinskiy district Building 216.34 30000.00
Cafe with a parking Gelendgik city Consumer sphere 50.46 625.00
Resort and recreation complex "Anastasievskaja field" Tuapsinskiy district Resort complex 6247.83 2950000.00
Reconstruction of the “Aurora” cinema building Krasnodar city Social sphere 494.54 3921.00
Construction of Naval Station "Tuapse" Tuapsinskiy district Transport 58.76 2000.00
Construction of Residential Complex «Vremena goda» Anapa city Building 2039.31 68500.00