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Investment projects

Location of the project:   

Industry classification:
    Agroindustrial complex
    Consumer sphere
    Extractive industry and natural resources
    Finance and real estate
    Fuel and energy complex
    Housing and municipal complex
    Manufacturing industry
    Resort complex
    Resorts and tourism
    Social sphere

Land plot area (m2):


Distance to the connection point (m):

    Power supply: -

    Gas supply: -

    Water supply: -

    Sewerage system: -

Project nameLocation of the projectIndustry classificationTotal cost of the project, mln rubles
livestock complexTihoretskiy districtAgriculture345.00
Trade-purchasing base of agricultural productsTihoretskiy districtConsumer sphere99.19
Glass factoryTihoretskiy districtManufacturing industry800
Construction of the plant on processing of milk with a power up to 10 tons of milk a dayKushchevskiy districtAgriculture56.95
Construction of a logistics centerGulkevichskiy districtConsumer sphere387.97
Construction of a plant for the processing of animal husbandry productsGulkevichskiy districtAgriculture292.36
Construction of the greenhouse complexGulkevichskiy districtAgriculture184.98
Construction of a hotelcomplexinitemMostovskoyMostovskoy districtResort complex201.62
Construction of the greenhouse complexKrimskiy districtAgriculture191.42
Construction of the logistic center for wholesale and retail tradeBeloglinskiy districtConsumer sphere250.48
Construction of a plant for drying and freezing of agricultural productsKavkazskiy districtManufacturing industry54.6
Construction of an office building with day spa and swimming pool on the first and second floors in 70/2, Dovatora str. in Prikubansky city district in KrasnodarKrasnodar cityBuilding235.10
Construction of hangars for the storage and packaging of agricultural productTimashevskiy districtAgriculture74.40
Construction of the plant for the manufacture of metal productsKavkazskiy districtManufacturing industry225.53
Hotel complex "Solncedar"Gelendgik cityResort complex259.21
Construction of residential buildings with independent infrastructureGoraychiy Kluych cityBuilding10500.00
Construction of a plant for the production of pectinStarominskiy districtAgriculture1846.00
Construction of the complex which is turning on the hotel block and the block of public and business appointmentNovorossiysk cityResort complex528.19
Creation of zone industrial developmentStarominskiy districtBuilding50.00
Construction of enterprise for processing of fruits and berries.Yeisk districtAgriculture298.85

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