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The Krasnodar region holds the leading position in Russia in wine industry. This is due to unique natural climatic conditions (terraur) for growing a grape used in wine production.

The region takes first place in Russia in terms of production of wines (48% of all-Russian volumes) and Champagne (28%). In production of natural dry, dessert, sparkling wines and cognacs, advanced technologies are used, based on the rich traditions of the Kuban winemaking.

The region is famous for its rich traditions in the cultivation, cultivation and production of natural dry, dessert, fortified and sparkling wines. The area of ​​vine plantations is 27 thousand hectares, or about 40% of all plantings in the country. Vineyard plantations spread out on the most fertile lands of the coast: the Taman peninsula with the largest areas of amber landscapes, Anapa, Sukko Valley, Myskhako, Abrau-Dyurso and many other corners with an abundance of solar heat and comfortable soils.

Krasnodar region is famous for its rich traditions of planting, cultivating and producing natural dry, sweet, fortiied, and sparkling wines. The total area of vineyards is 26,000 hectares, or about 30% of all vineyards in the country. The vineyards stretch along the most fertile lands of the seaside: the Taman Peninsula, Anapa, Sukko valley, Myskhako, Abrau-Durso, and many other areas with a lot of sunshine and fertile soils.

In order to provide raw materials for winemaking, hundreds of hectares of new vineyards are laid annually in Krasnodar region – in Temrykskiy, Krymskiy, Yeskiy districts and in Novorossiysk. This helps to improve the quality of Russian wines and their competitiveness not only in the domestic, but also on international markets.

The wines produced in the Krasnodar Region are well known across all Russia. Wines produced in the region have won many prestigious international awards, and local companies such PJSC Abrau - Dyurso (Novorissiysk city), JSC Fanagoria ”Temryuk District), LLC Sauk Dere (Krymsk District), JSC Divnomorye (Gelendzhik city) and other are known all over the world.

In 2018 the export volume of regional winemakers amounted to more than 3 million litres in 16 countries, including China, Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Israel etc.

Important role in promotion of regional wine and increasing wine consumption culture plays the development of wine tourism.

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